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Monday 18 November 2019

Late colour In a Vase on Monday.

Along with Cathy, I have Chrysanthemums In my Vase on Monday this week. Join in here
I was sorry to miss last week's anniversary mini vases. I was away in beautiful North Wales enjoying the autumn colour. 

These are Avignon Pink and Tarantula Red.
I love them for late colour and they seem to be easy to grow. Last year I left them in my tunnel and green house until after Christmas, potted them up but left inside then threw them outside when I needed the space. I'm not sure when that was. Probably spring. They stayed in the pots until mid summer when I planted them inside again. Some are outside and have buds on but some have been destroyed by the continuing rain. 
I also took cuttings in spring which are very easy. 

And now the awful truth about me and vases. Here is jar (Mayonnaise, it's not even a vase) which has been on my kitchen window sill for about 4 weeks, maybe longer. The Phacelia at the back has doubled in size and the Persicaria has grown roots. Aim for this week is to pot it up. It also has very pretty white flowers on it. This is where I pop any odds and ends or broken stems and they just sit there. Are you shocked?

 Sometimes I take out the dead flowers! Sometimes not. Sometimes the water runs out. 
This is Avignon Pink which starts peachy and gets more pink as it ages.

Monday 4 November 2019

Jewels In a Vase on Monday.

I think I've made progress this week in spite of the continuing rain. 
I made a good start with removing turf for enlarging my bed last week, then was distracted with other things. Mr C and I took advantage of the dry and sunny (at times) Sunday and finished the job. 

Today I moved a few plants because I wanted to get started but conditions are not very good. If every part of you is muddy it's too wet! I even liberated two plants which have been waiting patiently in pots. It's exciting to get on with it. 

I have a few Chrysanthemums in my vase today. These are actually a week old. I've just trimmed them and taken out a few ropey ones. You really get tired of them before they die, they last so long, which, of course, is why they sell so well on garage forecourts. 
I like to think mine are superior to those cousins. 

In here are Sheer Purple, Orange Allouise, Froggy and a Cream One Which is Supposed to be White. (But actually I love it). These are not colours I would usually put together but they are leftovers really.
Join in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for In a Vase on Monday.