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Monday 10 June 2019

Snippings In a Vase on Monday

I've got a couple of pictures of vases here. 

 This one has foxgloves (not too huge so fine for vases), a white cornflower, Briza mazima and Atriplex and a calendula I'm testing. I have Atriplex seeding everywhere and I think I can use it for foliage if it lasts well enough at this stage. There is also poppy peeping in. I seared the stem with a flame and it's lasted about 4 days so far. Probably not much longer though. It was an unusual colour. 

This is Phlox drummondii 'Silver Stars'. It's trying to flower at about 10cm tall so I cruelly pinched out the top. I had to save it though. I can't wait for some taller stems. This is a shot glass. 
Do join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for In a Vase on Monday. 

Here is a new bed half planted. The phlox are at the front. I think they were in trays too long due to me going away at the wrong time. It's very quick to plant as there are no weeds and the compost is loose. 

Not nearly as tidy. Cornflowers, stocks, sweet rocket, straw flowers and Calendula with new plantings of sunflowers and other things. The plastic at the back is to cover the soil until planting to keep the weeds down. 

Finally ducklings:
We've had to add another bowl as they barely fit into one bowl now and they do like water! Apparently their fluffy feathers are not waterproof yet but the water does seem to run off in true duck fashion. Our two ducks did have a paddling pool which was perfect for a pond. It sprang a leak but I'm going to try and seal it today as I think the ducklings are big enough for it now. The they'll have a bit more room. 

Monday 3 June 2019

In a New Vase on Monday

While wandering round a small town a week or so ago MrC and I found a bric-a-brac shop with boxes outside where everything was 50p. 
I found this:

MrC said 'What is it? A toothbrush holder?' I see what he means but we are clearly not on the same wavelength! I think it looks more like a jelly mould. 

It's not the most beautiful vase but at 50p and including the insert, it was a bargain. 

I collected Sorbaria foliage, Orlaya, Osteospermum, Sweet peas, Elaeagnus 'Quicksilver' and Cerinthe. 

I arranged it all with a vague notion of the shape but didn't have much time to spare. I know sweet peas look best on their own, and they'll only last a few days, but I could whip out any fading flowers and add new ones.  

I've been very busy over the last few weeks. Some Flower Farm work, some not and a week in Cornwall. I entrusted the watering to a stand in and happily came back to find all was well. We have had some rain since then so that is helping my new planting. 
I am now trying to harden everything off and get it planted out. 
Meanwhile there is plenty flowering and lots of buds promising for the next few weeks. Having a continuous supply of flowers is one of the many challenges of flower farming. I'll try and post some pictures next week. 

Finally, would you like to see a picture of our ducklings? Of course you would. 

Ok two. 

These hatched just over a week ago. There are 11 and they are a constant source of entertainment and time wasting. Here they are swimming in a paint roller tray which has a shallow end! Mama always keeping watch. 

I look forward to seeing what everyone else has found to put In a Vase on Monday over at Rambling in the Garden where Cathy encourages us to share.