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Monday 25 March 2019

Cheerfulness In a Vase on Monday

Does anyone else walk around carrying a vase and a camera trying to get a good shot? Oh for a north facing window with a nice surround!

I cut some 'Cheerfulness' Narcissus thinking I'd put them in a vase on their own, but it is spring, after all, so I chose a few things to go with them. 

These are one of my favourite kinds. I need to plant more next year though. I have some but plenty room for more. Let me know your favourites so I can start making a list. If they come back year after year, all the better. 

It's all in a rather lovely new vase which was a recent find in a local second hand warehouse. 

I added some flat leaf Parsley, a few red wallflowers, Pulmonaria, Spirea foliage and the Pieris-which- keep-on-giving. 
I've just realised that you can't see the vase so here is another view. It has a fluted top. 

We've had a weekend of sun with a chilly wind and spring is here - officially and in real life. Little leaves are forming and buds are breaking. The chill is to remind us that it is still March and not to get carried away!
It's the best time of year. 

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Monday 11 March 2019

Blackthorn In a Vase on Monday

I'm just going to subject you to a few of my photographs. I took so many even I was board looking through them but, don't worry, I'm not sharing all of them.
As you may know, I've started A Year With My Camera which is a free online course. So far we've covered exposure and are now learning some things about composition. A new course starts in April. It's by email once a week to work through at your own pace. Plenty of information is crammed in and the course is very popular.

These are a few Blackthorn twigs which I brought inside at bud stage. I've seen some in the hedgerows and some is out on our plot. 
This is from the native hedge I had the privilege of planting three years ago. 

Here is the vase:

and here are some close ups. Very detailed, simple beauty.  

Which one do you prefer?

I am learning but I have a long way to go. I still get muddled with exposure and often turn the dials the wrong way, but I have a grasp of how it should work. 

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Monday 4 March 2019

Anemones In a Vase on Monday

Hooray for flowers!
These gorgeous velvety Anemones are growing in my poly tunnel. The joke is that my Mum, who lives 10 miles away, has them blooming in her garden with absolutely no cosseting. 

I'm very happy to see them and they have very long stems too, bonus. 

Last week I mentioned scoring stems of Hellebores. I did a quick non scientific experiment and I think it did make a difference. The stems did not collapse as they often do. 
Here is a link to one of the places I read about this technique. 
Green and Gorgeous.
Oh my, I wish I could take photographs like that!

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