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Monday 11 June 2018

Foxgloves In a Vase on Monday

I wanted to use some foxgloves in a vase and had chosen the one I thought they work in. They didn't. The just flopped about and hung face down which is no good for a foxglove. 
Instead I held the bunch in my hand and added everything in then popped it in this tight necked vase so nothing can move. 

I'm pleased with it really, it looks like a  meadow though foxgloves are not really meadow flowers. Also included are Linaria in pink and purple. I'm sure I only had purple last year but perhaps I've mis-remembered. 
On a visit to a local village open gardens yesterday we saw peach Linaria. I'll definitely be having them next year. (Hands up who else is already making next years seed list.)
I've also used Feverfew, Hordeum jubatum - foxtail barley, Coriander flowers - a tip from Kris P. My plants always go to seed so are not much use in the kitchen but are very pretty. 
As usual I'm joining in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for In a vase on Monday. 

Monday 4 June 2018

Romance In a Vase on Monday

One of the things I did on my flower arranging course was a 'Constance Spry' vase. I was led to believe that the vases were hard to come by now and much sought after. Since then I have bought 4 in charity shops and my Best Beloved bought one at a car boot sale for £1 when he could, quite justifiably, have said 'she has enough vases already' and left it there. He may be thinking again since I took the polish off his favourite table by over watering!

Clearly they are not rare round here or no-one is aware of their value. Total cost about £12. I'm sure none of these are collectors items. Here they are:

Some are quite hefty (the largest is about 40cm across) and I do need a new vase shelf or cupboard now!

And the one I've used today: 

Can you get more romantic than honeysuckle and roses? This vase is a lovely aqua colour and probably the most elegant of my new collection.

I used some wire mesh in the bottom to hold things in place and put in:
Artemisa 'Powis Castle'
Eleagnis 'Quicksilver'
Nameless white flower
Rose 'Macmillan Nurse' and nameless pink

Expect to see these again as I practice arranging in them. 
For interesting and usual vases visit Cathy at Rambling in the garden for In a vase on Monday.