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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Somerset Compost Champion

I recently went on a Compost Champion training day. This was very exciting for me. It was even the day before my birthday so I regarded it as a birthday treat. I think my children thought I was a little bit mad but I had a great day, met some interesting  people and came away believing that I did know a lot about compost.
There is a science to it but at it's simplest, if you leave a pile of garden waste it will turn into compost - eventually.
So I decided to blog about how I get on making my compost. And as I take plenty of photos of my garden, there will be a few of those mixed in!
The Somerset Compost Champion scheme is designed to train people to go out and encourage anyone who is interested to recycle their kitchen and garden waste into usable compost. In that way we can enrich our gardens for free and reduce waste going to landfill. In Somerset we have garden waste collections and also kitchen waste collections but of course it is better if we can reuse it ourselves. I have to admit to sending shrubby waste and weeds off with the council.

Here is my vegetable garden:
I have four compost heaps:
Two wooden home made ones and two black daleks:
It's such a satisfying thing to do, I hope you'll have a go.