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Monday 6 May 2019

Spring posy In a Vase on Monday

We have our internet connection back after two weeks of intermittent problems, plenty of phone calls and three visits by engineers. It was a novelty to be reconnected but we are already beginning to take it for granted again!

This little vase was made for my mother in law. 

It includes anemone, ranunculus, sweet rocket, stocks, cerinthe, flat leaf parsley and Dusty Miller. 
She was very pleased with it and, when we looked around her little garden insisted on giving me some Lily of the Valley. I popped it in a jug with a spare piece of Dusty Miller. 

I think I've mentioned this plant before. It has various names but I am sticking with Cinneraria maritima until corrected. This is 'Cirrus' but I also have 'Silver Dust'. It's been a fabulous plant. Shown below are a couple which have been outside all winter, they looked pretty ropey a few weeks ago but have now put on lovely new grown. To be fair, we did have a mild winter and they may not have fared so well in a very cold one. 

I kept some plants under cover as an insurance and they are also doing well. I have used this fresh, in wreaths and it also dries looking pretty much the same as it does now. It's such a good colour, it goes with everything. 
I'm happy to be sharing my Vase on Monday again, with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and look forward to being inspired by what everyone shares. First though, another sunny(ish) bank holiday here in the UK and there is lots to do outside. 
Enjoy your day. x