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Monday 21 October 2019

Autumn shades In a Vase on Monday

It actually stopped raining for more that 10 minutes this week so I've been able to make progress with jobs in the garden. Lots of cutting back and down but also plans for improving a bed. I'd wanted a path to weave through this bed for easier access, as it's quite large. As always when Mr C gets involved it turns from a job to A Project. 
He says - to get a nice curve on the path we'd need to enlarge the bed, what do you think?
As always, I say - Oh alright then, if you insist. 

Just like that he's out with a rope marking it out. 
The we start digging up turf. 
It comes up nice and easily as it's so damp but not too soggy. 

I have dozens of plants in pots waiting for a new home as well as rooted cuttings. I'd love to get them planted before the winter. 
This bed was the place I put everything which didn't have a home. It'll be good to plant with more thought. 

Oh yes, and here is my vase:

Two kinds of Chrysanthemum. Avignon Pink and Pandion Bronze plus scented geranium foliage (Thank you Amanda at The Running Wave), Abelia and some Michaelmas Daisy. I don't know the variety of these. I've transplanted them from someone else's garden to a place where they can spread about but not run amok as they are liable to. Also grasses Panicum 'Frosted Explosion' (I have seeds if anyone in the UK would like some) and Setaria. 
This is one of my favourite vases - terracotta which I like for autumn colours. 

See what you can find to put In a Vase on Monday and join in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. 

Monday 14 October 2019

Salvage In a Vase on Monday

I'm a little later than usual posting but here is my vase. 

My poor dahlias have not enjoyed the incessant rain we have had for weeks. 
300mm in the last 40 days and it's rained for 29 of those 40. Not always all day every day but often. Hard to believe we had 6 weeks without any rain. What is going on?

There are a few dahlias which can be salvaged. I wouldn't normally cut these as closed as they are but I doubt they will look good when fully open. I like to the way the Penhill Dark Monarch tones with Rip City ( the dark maroon one). 
There is also a little bit of  self seeded Ammi which is flowering in the dahlia patch. Always welcome. Amaranthus and Artemisia annua which smells divine. I was reliably informed that this was easy to grow. I managed to get 2 to germinate! I'm hopeful of saving seed and having better luck next year. My two plants are around 4 feet tall and covered in flowers. Has anyone had more success with Artemisia annua?

(I realise I've mentioned millimetres and feet - I went to school at a confused time!)

So this is popped on my kitchen windowsill to draw the eye away from the dismal day outside and make me happy. As Cathy rightly reminds us, we get no end of pleasure from bringing the outside in. Join in with In a Vase on Monday and find out.