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Monday 30 September 2019

Leftovers In a Vase on Monday

Here is my vase for this week. 

I often have bits and pieces left over from bouquets and arrangements. (In case you don't know, I started Flower Farming last year. I've shared some of that in previous posts). Sometimes I decide not to use them or sometimes I've cut too much. I'm getting much better and predicting how much I need for a particular size bouquet and also what will go together. I usually write a cutting list but I don't always stick to it. That helps me with costing and also makes cutting quicker. The big surprise about flower farming is how long cutting takes. 
Often the leftovers make it to a vase on my kitchen windowsill. 

The pink and yellow dahlia here is Jowey Gypsy. I'm not quite sure what I was thinking when I ordered this tuber. It really is bright pink and yellow. 
It looks quite lavender here and also on the sales website so that must be why I chose it. It's lovely but not subtle in any way. 
I haven't braved using it yet but this week I had a go at putting it in a bouquet. I damaged the stem of this one so it is now gracing my kitchen along with Dahlia Karma Naomi, Salvia horminum, Panicum Frosted Explosion and three sprigs of Love in a Puff (Cardiospermum).

I can't stress too much how much I'm loving Frosted Explosion. If you don't grow it already get it now. It is an annual but seeds readily (I'm told). It adds panache to every arrangement. I put it into everything. 

Here is the bouquet I made for an Anniversary order last week. I hope the recipient liked it. 

I added in some other yellows and some blues. 
This is me checking it in a mirror and trying to get a photo. You nearly get the impression of the real pink colour. I'm not going to list the contents but do ask if you'd like to know the name of something. 

As usual visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for In a Vase on Monday and join in the fun. I guarantee you'll add to your plant wish list. 

Monday 9 September 2019

Just Dahlias In a Vase on Monday

I had a lovely day out yesterday to the Bishop's Palace in Wells where there was a Rare Plants Fair. 
Noelle and I visited and spent a happy admiring all the plants. I wonder how much one of everything would have cost? There weren't many things I wouldn't have wanted. ( I was quite restrained). Then it was off to Noelle's for coffee and delicious cake and I came away with more plants. I have lots of plans for planting now but had no time so far. Today it's very wet but looks as though it may dry up later. 

Here are some of the wondrous dahlias growing in my patch this year. 

Pinks first. L-R Miracle Princess, Jowey Mirella, Karma Lagoon, Rip City, NOT Creme de Cassis as it is supposed to be. 

Miracle Princess ( I think)

 Any ideas?

Karma Lagoon. 
 Then oranges:
 L-R Wine Eyed Jill, David Howard, Ginger Snap, Cornel Brons, DH again and Apricot Star. Plus 2 Zinnia
 Wine Eyed Jill
Ginger Snap

I hope I have the names right for the pinks. Some are quite similar and the tags are buried in the wet plants. 

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