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Monday 8 April 2019

Vegetable flowers In a Vase on Monday.

Never wanting to be predictable, I have Kale flowers in my vase today! 
We really should have eaten these as they are delicious picked when in tight  bud like Purple Sprouting Broccoli. I obviously wasn't paying attention and they went too far. We might get more now that I've cut these off. 
I thought they were very pretty so here they are in a vase. 

You can also see a Tulip which I thought was 'Mount Tacoma' but now I think it's a pale 'Angelique'. I'm sure it should be more pink. 
There is also a pink Ranunculus. It's completely gorgeous, I hope you'll agree. 

The trouble is though, that I ordered pale pink, white, orange and purple Ranunculus and this is none of the above. So far all the pale pink and purple seem to be this bright pink. I will be reporting back to the company when they are all flowering and I am sure. I'm pretty fed up with things not turning out to be what was advertised. Especially as these are a sale crop. A florist looking for pale pink isn't going to want this! I will find a market for them but it's frustrating. 

After two dry weeks we have had a good amount of rain over the last week. The weekend has been dry and even sunny at times which is just how we like it. There is plenty to do at this most exciting time of year so I should go and get on. Especially as I am inspired by a new You Tube channel I just found. 
Byther Farm https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe0Ha5QljsCV5UqIkobBrcQ

I haven't had time to watch much yet but it looks amazing with plenty of good ideas. I found this linked from Huw's Nursery who also has lots of good ideas. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe0Ha5QljsCV5UqIkobBrcQ I might have to give up sleeping to fit everything in. 

Join in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for In a Vase on Monday.