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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Wonderful spring weather

The mild sunny weather with frequent rain storms has been perfect for my garden. Everything is growing and looking lush and green. The low growth of April which features primroses, celandine and crocus has been superseded by the taller growth of May.
Aquilegias are coming out. They seed themselves around and interbreed quite happily. I let them and just dig up a few now and then and weed out some of the small seedlings so there is room for a few other things.
This calendula has been flowering for about a month now.

Usually the plants die off in the winter and the seedlings only start to show about now. Then I don't get the flowers until summer. This is a real bonus to have them now as, I think, they are my favourite flowers. It's always a difficult question as the answer can change from month to month but I like the simplicity and bright colour of these. They always look great in my vegetable garden. It's just on the edge of a veg bed but I'll leave it and deadhead so hopefully it will go on.

 This is a kiwi plant. Or rather two growing towards each other. We grew them from seed quite a few years ago. When my children were much younger and eating kiwis, we were talking about the seeds. So we sowed some and lots came up.
 They grow like triffids every year and we never manage to train it properly. I don't know if you can. This year we have put up a frame and pruned it early and tied it in so maybe we'll keep on top of it.
Every year we look for fruit.  You need a male and a female plant to get fruit and, if course, having grown them from seed we didn't know what we had. There have been a few flowers but they are very tiny so we don't always see them. The last year we had ONE kiwi fruit. You can imagine how excited I was. 
 The new growth is red and hairy and looks a bit like a triffid too. These are the flowers...

There do seem to be quite a few. Maybe because we have looked after it!

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