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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Show of hands

These are my photographs for A Show of Hands. A Chelsea fringe 2014 idea. This is from the wonderful Veg Plotter whom I first discovered via the 52 week salad challenge. I aim to try harder with that this year. The idea behind this year's project is to highlight the tool most precious to a gardener: their hands. Submit a photo or collection of photos of hands.

These are the things my plants need ....apart from me of course. I like to think they need me.
Light and air - yes even from that grey sky.

Soil - this is a handful of my homemade compost teeming with micro-organisms.

Water - saved in a butt of course!

I managed to take the photo without dropping the phone in the water butt - should have got help really. These are taken in my garden in Somerset. Grey today but looking fab as I hope you'll see in some of my other posts.


  1. Hi Alison - thanks for joining in with Shows of Hands. I think you've managed very well taking the photos on your own - love the picture of the water butt - you're the first to submit a reflection. I just need to know an approx location of where you are in Somerset, so I can put a pin on the map which points to your contribution. We're getting a very nice cluster around the Bristol/Somerset/Wiltshire area!

    1. Thank you. I have to admit the reflection was a happy accident as these things so often are. I noticed it as I was taking the photo and adjusted the angle to include it.
      I am in Frome.

  2. Brilliant, thanks :-)

  3. Hi Alison - me again! Would you mind if I used your reflection picture for a Shows of Hands summary slideshow I'm putting together please? The response to my project has been amazing and I want to do something special to thank everyone!

  4. I thought I'd answered but now I can't see it. I will get to grips with this technology. Anyway the answer was yes of course you can.


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