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Tuesday 13 May 2014

No room to move.

It's that time again, it happens every year, I can't move for young plants waiting to move outside or into the greenhouse. 
Every available space is taken up and even though I try and move things on to the next stage as soon as possible you can't hurry it or plants die. Hardening off for instance needs to be done properly or you lose the plants at the next stage. I use my cold frame - putting things in open during the day and closing it at night, for a week or two and then move them outside. 
These are some sweet pea plants which have been in the cold frame and then outside in their pots for a few days. I finally got them in the ground. 
 These are mostly courgettes. I put them into slightly bigger pots and into the cold frame this weekend. It was so windy I was worried for their safety as the leaves are quite vulnerable. I'll give them a good two weeks to harden off.
 Things turfed out of the cold frame to make  room for more....
This is my fabulous cold frame made out of old windows.  The tops come down or can be propped half open, which I do on very wet days.
Beans hardening off outside. I pop a cloche over them at night as I have no more room in the cold frame. These are some runner beans 'Scarlet Emporer' and some climbing french 'Hunter'.

A couple of years ago we made a temporary cold frame from old bits of plastic and windows held up with canes. I appreciate that not everyone has old bits of window lying around but if you have it works very well and then can be dismantled when you don't need it.

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