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Friday 2 May 2014


Here are some of the seedlings growing in my conservatory. This is a fraction of the total.
Space is at a premium in May, everything growing fast but waiting for slightly warmer weather to be put outide. I am lucky to have two small greenhouses ( both salvaged from other gardens) and two years ago my husband built a cold frame from old windows. So I try to move things on from the cosy conservatory to the greenhouse and on to the cold frame and then outside as soon as possible. I think a couple more weeks before I can really plant tender things outside.
I am plagued by slugs. Even in the cold frame which has sand, ash and grit on the base - they still abound. So I start a lot off in here so I can keep and eye on it and the slugs can't!
I have a lot of pricking out and potting on to do this weekend. I'll also make sure I have sown everything I wanted.
Today I thought I would sow some Cavolo Nero. Went out to the greenhouse and thought "What's that in that tray? " Tiny seedlings of Cavolo Nero!

I am better than I thought or my mind has gone. I prefer the former.

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