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Monday, 26 June 2017

In a vase on Monday - Exactly as advertised!

I don't usually think I'm very susceptible to advertising. I don't watch much live TV or read many magazines. Recently though, Chiltern Seeds have started sending out mini catalogues  a couple of times a year with the MOST gorgeous photographs in them. I love flowers and I love photographs of flowers so I am helpless. They are so lovely I keep them. All colour co-ordinated too, you've got to love that. MrC, bless his heart, says I should use them as check list and tick the ones I have!

I've long been a fan of their seeds and managed to spend plenty even without the photographs. For anyone who doesn't know they produce a 188 page catalogue with very small print. I have to read it with glasses on now. Each variety has a detailed description but no picture. They do now have pictures on their website. I sincerely recommend the seeds. I've always had excellent results and no-one is paying me to say that though if they want to send me seeds to test, I'm ready. 
When I started gardening I had a large garden and a small budget and filled it with plants grown from seed. Very satisfying.

So these are Gysophila elegans 'Kermesina' looking exactly as advertised. Here with Artemisia Powis Castle.

How sweet and pretty. I've taken off the tops in the hope the plants will branch out. I've used the Mud, Wall, Sticks technique and grown quite a  few plants. Because of our relatively dry spring, the slug damage has been minimal. 

The garden is bursting with blooms and here is a snapshot of a few of them. 
In the vase:
Abelia foliage
Nigella seed pods
Blue Catananche flowers
Teasel buds
Dahlia 'Bishop of Dover'
Perennial Wallflower 'I've got the label somewhere'. Pastel something I think. 

And this is a carrot flower. Not some fancy cultivar but a carrot which went to seed!

For lots of fun and fancy vases from around the world visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for In a vase on Monday. 


  1. Now that Gysophila is really stunning - was it easy to grow? And what a lovely pastel collection in your second vase, including the carrot! Thanks for sharing, and for your recommendation about Chiltern Sees too

    1. It was easy to grow. I started them in pots as I do for pretty much everything though they might make stronger plants direct sown. So far not very bushy as I should probably have pinched it out more. I know to my cost that slugs love gypsophila so i have tried to keep them safe.

  2. Beautiful arrangements and a great recommendation.

  3. These are lovely, Alison! I do miss out by not sowing my own seeds and relying upon my nurseryman. I love your use of teasel buds and nigella, which always add so much to an arrangement. The catanache are nice with the dahlias.

  4. Oh that gypsophila has such dainty and pretty flowers Alison. I'm a big fan of Chiltern seeds too. I like their mini catalogues but the best treat is the big catalogue which always arrives with marvellous timing just before Christmas. Perfect seasonal reading :)

    1. Yes, I collect my catalogues in a little pile so when the madness is over I can relax with them.

  5. Catalogue as checklist - an excellent idea! ;) I do love the looks of that gypsophila, and being an annual it might work quite well here. Thanks for a wonderful suggestion...! A lovely vase also - the catananche flowers are so refreshing!

  6. Catalogs are so seductive. Lovely vase.

  7. Love your collection of plants grown from seed. I am with you on catalogues! If you would strike a cutting of Powis Castle for me that would be much appreciated.


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