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Monday, 19 June 2017

Crazy Dahlia In a Vase on Monday.

We've seamlessly from Autumn to high summer. The garden and plants are coping well and the gardener is running around madly with a watering can. 

Here is a quick vase:

This is 'Honka Pink'. The first Dahlia to flower this year. I've kept the tuber from last year when it flowered for months. It looks good here in isolation but also does well in a vase with other things. I look forward to bouquets of dahlias. 

So only one vase this week ?, I hear you thinking. Of course not. However short of time I am, I need things in vases. 
 This Philadelphus is flowering it's socks off. Two for one here as I had to pull of the lower stems and I couldn't throw them away, could I ? I know the petals will drop quickly but then I'll go and get some more. 
I've just remembered where this vase came from. Very early on in our marriage we had has some kind of argument. Mr C bought flowers when I was at work, took them home but couldn't find a vase big enough so had to go and buy one and this was it. Ahh, young love. 

I promise I did prune it last year but obviously not very hard. 
An overexposed photo of the Philadelphus.

Finally, I'd forgotten how the Cirsium do this:
I found a cloud of seeds in my cut down vase from two weeks ago. Unfortunately I poked them before thinking of taking a picture but here is the plant in the garden. Sadly, I think the seeds are sterile. 

For plenty of inspiring and inventive vases from around the world visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. In a vase on Monday. 


  1. Oh I do like that dahlia... perhaps one to add for next year... And I have been admiring people's philadelphus this year - what a glorious fragrance! Enjoy yours :)

    1. I think I probably got it from Peter Nyssen. It looks fragile but it's not.

  2. Love the dahlia, and of course I love the Phildelphus too! Enjoy that scent indoors! :)

  3. Your crazy dahlia is very sweet and perfect all by itself. Love the story of your large vase and can imagine that your home smells divine with all of those Philadelphus blooms sharing their fragrance.

    1. Thank you, it does smell very good. It's a funny story as we hardly ever argue now.

  4. The first one is often the sweetest...clever you for bringing on a dahlia from last year.

    1. I always dig them up and am quite successful at keeping them but there are always a few which rot.


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