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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Small flies in compost and other highlights...

One of my black compost bins has hundreds of small flies in it which all fly up at you when you go near it. It is not very pleasant. I have tried leaving the lid off as that is supposed to solve the problem but it hasn't.
I understand this is can be caused by the mix being too wet. I forked it around a bit, amid a plague of flies, but it seemed very dry. We haven't had any rain here for several weeks and it is also under a tree. But I suppose that once the flies are breeding in there, if they were attracted when it was too wet, they'll carry on.
Several solutions are offered:
-wrap up wet food waste in newspaper. Flies are especially attracted to fruit- fruit flies!
-cover the bin with paper or carpet
-add more carbon/ dry waste. Paper, card or twiggyness.
As my bin seems to be quite dry, I think I'll try wrapping the waste and maybe be cover it all with paper and see if that helps. 

A few weeks ago I sowed some Snap Peas in short pieces of gutter pipe. 

I kept them on this table which stopped the mice getting to them but the next door cat did land in them as she jumped over the fence. Also I knocked one off which didn't do it any good. 
I sowed some straight into the ground but I usually find they get a better start like this. I planted them out on Sunday which, if you read the books, is simply a matter of 'sliding them into a shallow trench'. Of course nothing really works simply. I use a small fork or trowel and slide sections out. I watered first and they came out quite well. I have had occasions when they've all landed upside down. Getting a friend to help is useful. 

They make quite a respectable row and I'll put up a net when I am feeling strong. I think they get to about 4 or 5 feet. 

This is a Kiwi flower. I have never seen one on this plant before but they are very pretty, a creamy yellow colour. I am tempted to go out with a paintbrush and do some pollinating. 

One of our gorgeous annual poppies. Papaver somniferum. When we first moved here 18 years ago. these came up everywhere as we cultivated. Most of them are single in lovely shades of pink, purple and red but this is a fancy double. 

 The bees love them.

 Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful.

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