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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Growing cucumbers

I grow cucumbers in the green house with my tomatoes in quite a similar way but with a few differences. The plants are slightly more fussy.
Cucumbers are more suscptible to disease and I have often had plants collapse in the past for no obvious reason. Apparently there are soil borne diseases which they contract and they also don't like to sit in wet compost.  Oh, but you musn't let them dry out either!
This is the reason I first started to grow them in pots with no bottoms. That way the drianage is better and hopfully they won't sit in water. I only water in the mornings anyway. I do this with  most of my plants as I hope it reduces slug damage.  If this is reduced, I hate to think what full scale would be like!
I only use bought in compost so I am not introducing any disease. For tomatoes I use a mix of garden compost and grow bag compost but used in pots.
These are the cucumbers when they first went into the green house. I try and grow things to a decent size before putting them out so they stand a better chance of beating the pests. 

This is a couple of weeks later. I am very pleased, the cucumber plants all look very healthy. I think I have six. Three Burpless Tasty Greeen and three Garden Sweet. I grew lots in case some died but none have yet! The garden sweet are mini cucumbers. I grew them last year and they were delicious. 
They send out these wonderful clingers and grab on to anything around. I love the details of plants. 
They now have tiny fruits forming. I can't wait. 

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