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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Update on compost and cucumbers!

It keeps me entertained, having a blog. Today I wondered why I didn't have a reply button to answer comments. I looked up the solution and found I had all the right settings. Then by accident discovered that it was set to white and could only be seen when I hovered over it. I did laugh. Ho hum.
So back to the cucumbers:
 Look at this! I have this labelled as Garden Sweet but I think it must be Burpless Tasty Green. They have little spikes all over them. You can rub them off before eating. And for people who suffer when eat cucumbers, they really do give you less indigestion!

This is Garden Sweet, the skin is smooth. You harvest them at about twice this size so, at the rate they are growing now, not long. Thumbs up! I've never had such good cucumber plants before.
I had a look at the compost heap today. This is the wooden heap which I layered up in May:
You can see how much the compost has sunk down. 
It looks quite well rotted and is crawling with creatures. I won't have much time to turn it out for a month or so so it can sit there a bit longer and will be better for it. Most of the planting is done now so I don't need much for a while.

I am spending all my time watering just now. After the wettest winter ever (we were not flooded here where I live but it's not too far away that they were under water for NINE weeks), we are now in a dry spell. When the sun comes out it is hot so I am having to be vigilant with all the little things I have planted out. I have to admit to some casualties :( 
The water butts are mostly empty which means using hoses which I detest. They always make me cross. 
So to cheer us all up:
The first Sweet Pea. I hope you can smell it. Now in a vase with some Orlaya. A lovely flower related to carrots.

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