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Sunday, 13 July 2014

A tour of my garden in July.

I have noticed that whenever I take a photograph there seems to be some eye sore in the background. A broken greenhouse pane or a blue barrel( full of leaf mould) or general sticks and rubbish.
Our garden does have it's Heath Robinson areas but most of it is very beautiful. Especially just now in July.We've just had a tidy up to be open for our local Hidden Gardens day so I made the most of the opportunity to take photos. Some of them look a bit washed out so imagine vibrant colours...
Here is a tour:
Just outside our house. This is a shady patio with a few pots and a grapevine growing over a pergola, which I seem to have missed off the photo.

Looking up the garden from the patio.

 Look right and you see our pond, complete with water lily and our new fernery in the background. 

 Two angles of the same bed where you can see Cleome, Ammi, Scabious and Perovskia flowering among other things. This is really much more colourful but I can't get a good photo.
Looking back down the garden. My favourite view just now. Plants exploding out of the bed.

Our fire pit in the foreground.

Gateway to the vegetable garden - calling you in. 

Courgettes and tree onions in the front.

 Brassicas netted to stop the pigeons but it won't stop the butterflies so I'll need to add another layer.
 Side view of the same area. Everything growing like mad and just starting to crop. Lots of colour and things to eat!


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