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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

In a vase on Monday - Winter green

I'm very surprised by this vase. I did not hold out much hope of finding anything colourful at all.
The I found this winter flowering Jasmine was in bloom. It's draped over a wire fence under a tree. I think it needs some care and coaxing into shape and it could be very lovely. 
I picked a few twigs, there is not much to it really, and thought that might be it for the vase. Wandering around I remembered we are lucky enough to have a huge bay tree. Most of it is too high for me but I can reach the lower branches. I think it needs some attention too. It's tucked away behind our oil tank so not very accessible. 


The effect of the yellow and green is very fresh and bright and looks cheerful on our dining room table. Unlike the weather which is grey and very often foggy.

For more beautiful vases visit Rambling in the Garden - In a vase on Monday. These were in a vase on Monday and now I've found time to share on Tuesday.

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  1. The bay leaves are perfect with the Jasmine, Alison. My jasmine has stood up well and more buds are opening, so it's definitely a good contender for a vase


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