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Monday, 19 December 2016

In a vase on Monday - Skeleton stems

While tidying in the garden I came across these skeleton stems of Heuchera flowers. 

 Sorry for the shocking photos.

In the garden I try and tread the line between cutting down everything and having it look a bedraggled mess for winter. Though some things look good in decay there is a lot more that doesn't. I often read how such and such looks good covered in frost. In my opinion most things look good when frosty but we don't get that much frost here so the bedraggled look is far more common!

Anyway I cut these stems to bring in as I was very taken by their structure. Photographing was much harder but I hope you get the idea here. 

A quick word about the vase. This is one we bought at a local market a couple of years ago. It does hold water but I tend to forget to top it up. For me it's best with dried material and looks great on this small bit of wall.
It's clay with patterns stamped in to it, wired onto a piece of driftwood. 

 So no colour from me today but for colourful and inventive vases go to In a Vase on a Monday, hosted by Cathy - Rambling in the Garden.


  1. This is lovely - and such a pretty vase!

  2. An interesting vase and great use of the huechera.

  3. This 'sconce' is so effective with these heuchera stems, and all the better that they are dry - grouping them together works really well and they look so stylish. Thanks for sharing the idea, Alison

  4. Not sure why you are apologizing for your photos. That first one, especially has etherial charm to spare.


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