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Monday, 26 December 2016

In a vase on Monday - Flowering for Christmas

I just wanted to see how many things I had flowering on Christmas day. I've heard it's a thing people do! I hope you agree it's a welcome bit of colour.

Tiny shot glasses were used for the arrangements, I find them perfect for small things. 

In this glass:
Jasmine nudiflorum
Mahonia - nameless. The perfume is so sweet but it doesn't last well in a vase.
Salad Rocket flowers - a bit of a cheat as they are in my tunnel. 
Rudbeckia - rustic dwarf. I'm not sure how that survived.
Calendula - a yellow and an orange
Viola - un-named

Parsley flowers 
One Virgina Stock!
Perennial basil. - another cheat it was in my utility room. 
Zaluzianskya ovata - or night scented phlox if you prefer. I can't stress enough how fabulous this little flower is. Easy from seed and flowers all summer giving a powerful scent of Refreshers every evening.( Refreshers are/were fruity sherbet sweets). The outside is an amazing maroon colour then they open to white. 

 How gorgeous is that? Still flowering in December but no scent.

And finally:
Erigeron karvinskianus
Viburnum - I think. I must check this bush in summer. It has scented flowers now.
One night scented stock. Growing in a pot of lavender in the greenhouse. 

I'm so pleased with these, and as they are on a board, I can move them around with me to admire wherever I am. 
I noticed buds on my Lonicera fragrantissima, I can't wait, and a hellebore in bud which I couldn't bring myself to pick yet. My first seed catalogue has arrived so after the madness has died down I'll be making lists and planning for next year!

For more vases and inspiration visit In a vase on Monday - hosted by Cathy from Rambling in the garden. 


  1. So many lovely things still blooming in your garden! Ah, the glories of a mild climate. My garden is covered in crusty snow and ice and will stay that way for some time to come, alas. ;)

  2. I do a Boxing Day count, which I shall post tomorrow, but there were fewer things than some years - and nothing like those you have produced for your three dinky little glasses today. How delightful they are! I must look into that night scented phlox - definitely sounds a good do-er, and such pretty flowers. Thanks for sharing, Alison

  3. Your garden survey was very productive! You created 3 pretty little vases too - I find tiny vases always have an impact far exceeding their size. I looked up your night-scented phlox and was surprised to find it will grow in my part of the world. Now I just have to round up some seeds.

  4. Amazing what you can find in the garden when you look. Very nice arrangements, I like to use shot glasses as well, I would like to find some colored ones like yours.


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