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Monday 5 February 2018

Meet George In a Vase on Monday

Meet George

Here is looking out of the window.

I discovered this Chrysanthemum flower (Anastasia Green) on a plant which I'm saving for cuttings in the green house
I popped it into the vase from which I'd just removed the snowdrops then couldn't resist adding the googly eyes.

If you've found something fun or fancy to put in a vase this week join in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden - In a Vase on Monday. 


  1. Fun. What a treat to find this flower today.

  2. Love it - what an inventive use of your chrysanthemum flower!

  3. Oh George is perfect....I love this...so much fun and creative!

  4. Oh that is great, Alison - I love it! This is a gorgeous crysanthemum anyway, but you really have thought creatively with it and the mirror is effective in that first picture as I didn't even realise it was there at first,thinking it was just a taller vase - well done, you will have made a lot of us smile!

  5. Howdy George. Oh Alison, this made me laugh out loud; a splendid morning surprise! How very clever to add the googly eyes!

  6. Love it, what fun. I love green flowers but I can't see this chrysanthemum as anything but a crazy wig now.

  7. What a nice discovery! I love those green chrysanthemums and the bloom looks very good on George!

  8. We need some fun in these cold grey days, thanks for brightening the day.

  9. Oh George is a most dashing chap Alison and has bought a smile to my face. I imagine that you were pleasantly surprised to see the flower even though under cover.

    1. Thank you all for your comments - I'm glad I made you all smile. We need that. It was a surprise to find this flower. The plant is neglected and I just throw water at it now and again. I'll be on the lookout now.

  10. That green is a lovely shade...we now how sunshine, but George would even brighten a grey day.


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