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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Adventures in a Poly Tunnel - January 2018

If you think there is nothing going on in a tunnel in January, you'd be wrong. There is still plenty growing in spite of the widely varying temperatures and lack of sunlight. 
The month has been dominated by rain but, of course, it doesn't get in here. 

You can see there is still plenty growing. Three turnips, spinach, rocket, kale and Romanesco.

These are my Winter Sunshine sweet peas. They have been pinched out and are starting up the strings. We could use some winter sunshine. 

Some of us love kale here and especially Cavolo Nero.

 The dahlia tubers finally made it under the bench. I'll be getting them out again soon to pot up. They are not quite buried but I think they'll be alright.

My hanging shelf for anything which mice might eat! Yes, they do eat Freesias.

 Peas for pea shoots

A broad bean shoot. So exciting to have things shooting!

 More kale - Red Russian

A tiny but perfectly formed Romanesco cauliflower. I've planted them too close together so they have not grown very large. That is, the plants are large but not the heads. 

Harvesting inside and out:
Kale - Red Russian and Cavolo Nero
Spring onions
Mustard leaves
Perpetual spinach

Daytime high - 32∘C I usually only have one set of doors open at this time of year. Most days are in the teens. 
Night time low - -3∘C

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