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Monday 13 March 2017

In a vase on Monday - sweet viola

Another small is beautiful vase from me this week. 
Who could resist these happy little faces?

 The plants have been growing in my poly tunnel for at least a year. Last summer I planted the tomatoes around them so I could keep the little plants. 
So far the slugs have not got going very much so the little blooms are perfect. 
I think I grew these from seed but don't now know which seed or why they are planted here. 

I picked them with their own foliage and then found them very difficult to arrange. They were facing in all directions. So I took the flowers off, put the leaves in the vase then popped the flowers in again. 
I've added a few straps of Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'. I'm pretty good with latin names but I always have to look this one up. 

  Here they are growing. Tucked between the Kale 'Red Russian' though I think I can see a buttercup coming up in the middle!
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  1. Such pretty blues. I have various Cool Wave violas grown from seed which are always very reliable and easily grown - some are just coming into flower so you might see one of them in a vase soon! The ophiopogon works really well to back up your violas and makes for a very sweet vase. Thanks for sharing

  2. Such a rich purple - I think pansies are the sweetest of flowers!


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