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Monday, 27 March 2017

In my new blue jug on Monday

It's Monday again, don't they come round quickly, so time for a vase. 

I decided to go for yellow, orange and blue this time. Not much blue yet but I popped it all in this gorgeous blue jug so that balances it out. This jug was another charity shop find. £2. It would have been rude not to buy it. 

I've included:
Spirea - you can just see the shrub behind the table. 
Forget-me -not
Wallflower - probably Cloth of Gold
Tete-a-tete narcissus
Lavender shoots from a leggy bush
Penstemon shoots - these will be pruned off in a week or two anyway. 
I tried some geranium leaves but they immediately wilted. They might work with some conditioning. 

The narcissus from last week are over but I picked these to go in the same vase with the foliage which is still fine. The are very sweet and delicate but I don't know what they are and have not had time to try and find out.

 I won't be picking these but just admiring every time I pass and making  a detour especially sometimes:

Last autumn I sowed dozens of Fritilliaria meleagris bulbs in an out-of-the-way patch of grass hoping they would naturalise. I despaired of them coming up as when I crawled around peering I could see nothing at all. Today I thought I'd have one last look and found this:

There are about 6 or 8, feeble looking but growing though the weeds we call a lawn. Now I'll have to set up a protective barrier in case they get squashed.
I'm so lucky now I have three days off. If you include the weekend that was 5! By the end of it my garden will be in tip top shape though I may not be able to move.
It's mostly weeding but also pruning, moving a few things and some planting. If I have time I'd like to finish digging a new bed.  I am also keeping on top of the sowing and pricking out. I manage to do a little of that on most days.
We had a run of dry cool, overcast days but then a fantasic weekend if you ingored the bitter wind. Some of it was spent fixing up posts, for a project I hope to be able to share soon, but I also fitted in lots of gardening.

Here is a bed already weeded and tidied:

 and it's neighbour half done:

 These two beds do not really have an identity yet. The get some sun and some shade and need a bit of wall covering I think.

 That is enough sitting around, the sun is breaking through so I am off out for more weeding. 
For creative and colourful vases from around the world visit  Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for In a vase on Monday.


  1. That is indeed a lovely blue vase, especially at £2 - how tall is it? It looks especially good with the yellows and oranges, doesn't it? Good luck with the fitillaries -they may take a litle time to establish

    1. It's quite small, about 20cm so a useful size I think. Yes I'm sure they will take a bit of time but I am heartened that a few are coming up. I thought they'd been eaten by our mole who resides in that area. :)

  2. I love the touches of orange in this week's arrangement and the new bright blue vase. Of course you had to buy it! The Frittilaria flowers are wonderful and I understand your hesitancy to cut them - sadly, they don't grow here but, if they did, I wouldn't cut them either. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time off.

    1. I've had a really good day but now am only fit for sitting and visiting blogs!

  3. Yes, great new blue vase. Love the way you've used Forget-me-nots for more blue pops among the arrangement.

    1. Thank you, I'm pleased with the colours.

  4. Beautiful, love the jug and your comment, must not be rude! Wall Flowers are just lovely and I never would have imagined what they were! Also love the Fritillaries. Wishing for a lawnful.

  5. Such a nice combination of colors in your jug! Sometimes one simply must purchase an item so as not to offend. Hooray for all your hard work! I've a few days off next week and hope to spend the majority of my free time playing in the garden.

  6. I particularly like your 'no name' Narcissus. Hope you can find out what it is!

    1. I found a useful site http://www.thedaffodilsite.co.uk. Who knew there were so many varieties?

  7. Good uck with your fritillaries ... I've struggled to establish them in the rough grass area for a while now, but this year they actually appear to have spread!

  8. I love the mix of colours in your vase this week Alison. I had planned to plant some fritilliaria bulbs in the autumn but life got in the way and they rotted in the greenhouse - hopefully I will do better this year but if they flower I am sure I will be like you & just enjoy the precious flowers in the garden!

    1. We all have the best intentions. I've still got some allium bulbs in a bag. I didn't know where to put them so they didn't go anywhere.


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