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Monday, 16 January 2017

I've surprised myself! - In a vase on Monday

I really didn't think I'd have anything worth showing off in a vase this week. However  a little thinking outside the box and here I am:

It's an edible vase. 

From the garden:
Flat leaf parsley
From my poly tunnel:
Mustard leaves - very peppery, they clear your sinuses too. 
Rocket -now gone to seed but I've discovered that if you leave it you can pick the small leaves which grow up the stems.  

A quick look at the rocket flower. So very pretty.  

I often do this in the summer if a particular herb is doing well. I'm more likely to use it in the kitchen if it's under my nose. Though I'm very happy to wander out and pick things in good weather (many meals have been burnt that way, though neglect), I'm less inclined to do so when it's wet, dark or worse.  
I feel Rosemary and garlic potatoes coming one day this week. Toss potatoes cubes in oil, chopped garlic,rosemary and salt and roast until tender.  Delicious.

This vase has replaced the crab apple in my kitchen window which went so far that I thought it was going to flower and then shrivelled. See here for the original post. The beech leaves from last week still look very good. 


While pretending to help lay bathroom vinyl today, I sorted out my seeds. I need to do this before ordering so I know what I have. I've found plenty I forgot I had so that has saved some duplication. They are now in alphabetical order separated into vegetables and flower. 

You can see I cheated and bought some tulips!
These are only the flower seeds, vegetables are separate, and, yes, I will sow at least half of these. 

I've thrown out things I know I'll never sow, loose unknown seeds from the bottom of the boxes and empty packets. I found some odd things - one labelled 'unknown seed head' but only two things with no names. I save lots from the garden (and other people's) and aim always to name them. Even though I'm always sure I'll remember what they are.

I then sort roughly into times for sowing and store them in a box divided by cards into months, and also one slot for successional sowing. 
So now it's back to the seed catalogues knowing I don't need very much but there is always something tempting. 

For inspiring and creative vases from all over the world visit In a Vase on Monday hosted by Cathy from Rambling in the Garden. 


  1. Good grief - that's a lot of seeds and you have more to order?! :) I too had a sort out and was quite thorough with what I kept. I find that most seed is perfectly viable for a couple of years - do you? Love the herb vase - so green and vibrant and fragrant too albeit we can't smell it. Thanks for sharing, Alison

    1. Yes most seed seems to keep a few years and poppies and tomatoes for a long time. I don't need to buy much but always like to try a few new things. You can't move for seedlings here in April.

  2. The herbs and edibles make a lovely vase! I must tuck that idea away for future reference. Good for you to get about clearing out your old seeds - that's something else I should do (someday, soon).

    1. I still kept plenty I probably should have thrown, I alwaya think they might grow...

  3. A great idea to show off your herbs, and I wondered if you will be using them in the kitchen too now they are handy! You sound so organised with your seeds, I feel I should now make an effort to put mine in some sort of order. So thanks for giving me the nudge... with our freezing weather an indoor gardening job is a nice reminder that I do in fact have a garden and spring will eventually arrive! ;-)

    1. A perfect indoor job. If I don't organise I just buy more of what I already have. I'll certainly be using the herbs though it will spoil the vase.

  4. An edible vase on a Monday, what a great idea :)


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