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Monday, 30 January 2017

In a vase on Monday - Twigs bearing hope.

A sparse but fluffy vase today. 
I think this is Salix daphnoides but it is dark now I can't run out and check. We've planted a few mixed willows in a row as a windbreak. I've pruned the tips off to encourage bushy growth. I also need to go out and clear weeds around them and add cardboard and compost to suppress the new weed growth to give them more of a chance. Today is very wet, the dry spell seems to be over but I must get out and do it. 
These were soggy when I brought them in but now are dry and fluffy.

 The internet is so slow i don't have the patience for any more. I hope it speeds up so I can visit some other blogs.
For creative vases from around the world vist In a vase on Monday hosted by Cathy. 



  1. Oh that's so annoying when the internet is slow. As soon as fibre broadband was available in our village I jumped at it to get a better service, even at the extra cost - and it's so consistent now too. Your pussy willow just begs to be touched, doesn't it? It's lovely so thanks for sharing it and I hope your windbreak proves to be successful

    1. Slightly better today, my ancient laptop does not help. Sadly no fibre comes here yet. Yes they are very tactile and have opened up beautifully since coming inside.

  2. The willow is a real sign of spring, it is lovely and fluffy, as Cathy says you just want to touch it. Will you weave the willow into a fedge?

    1. I do give it a little stroke as I pass. We have planted willow in a few places so will probably give weaving a go. It responds so well to being cut that if it goes wrong you can cut it and start again!


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