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Monday 17 December 2018

A wreath on Monday

Not quite a vase but it is Monday so I'm joining in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for In a vase on Monday. 

I made this wreath as I wanted to practice and wanted a pale one which would show up well on our front door which is dark green. 
The other ones I've made have just been greenery tied onto a frame so I thought I'd try moss here. 

I made a few twiggy frames in Autumn so I have them when I need them. This one is made of Elaeagnus but I have also used Jasmine as well as the traditional willow. It's a shame to use willow if it's going to be completely covered. 

I raked the moss from our 'lawn' so it's from a sustainable source! The bunched it on the frame and wrapped string around. 

The stems are just pushed in with a bit of wire wrapped around to secure. My other wreaths have been 100% compostable but I cheated here. 

Included are Artemesia 'Powis Castle', Pittosporum, Abelia, Vibrunum flowers, Pieris flowers, Apple mint, Rosemary, Dusty Miller which I think is now called Jacobea maritima.
I don't think the Artemesia is going to last, I should have conditioned it better. I might have to remake it. It's all good fun though. 

I like it, I hope you do. 


  1. That is really pretty, Alison, and more elegant than the darker green holly and ivy of mine. I especially like the touch of the flowers - is it the pieris I can see? Good idea to use moss from your lawn - mine is just on a wire circle made from the proverbial metal coat hanger years ago!! Thanks for sharing yours

    1. Thank you. The 3 pieris flowers are pinkish with white tips. I've never tried mossing before but will definitely do it again. It's been well watered today!

  2. That's a lovely wreath Alison. Do keep the ribbon for next year.....This wreath looks superb on your new front door.

    1. Thank you. Of course I will keep the ribbon. I have a whole collection!

  3. Oh I do like that wreath Alison - it looks most elegant and suitably seasonal almost as if it has been frost dipped. What an excellent use of lawn moss :)

  4. I missed this post until now but I think I saw the wreath on your Instagram feed. It's wonderful. I love the touches of whitish gray, something I'll have to remember when I put together mine next year. As we get no snow, I have to find some way to emulate it. Best wishes for a merry Christmas, Alison!


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