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Monday 7 May 2018

Good enough to eat In a Vase on Monday

Well who would have guessed we'd get a blisteringly hot Bank Holiday in the UK. Not me. Perfect for lots of garden work and some relaxing. 
This week I've chosen tulips again for my vase as they are really the only large flowers currently blooming. I think this one is 'Greenland'.
This vase is a recent find in our local  house clearance warehouse. We discovered the place last year and it is a real treat to rummage through. Can you believe I dithered over this urn shaped vase (at £2)? But really you can't buy every vase, this is a good addition to my collection though being tall and having a narrow neck. 

Also in the vase is Raspberry foliage. It's possible to have a forest of this if you haven't been vigilant about pruning, tying up and weeding. The prickles are very soft yet though so not hard to work with. 
Wallflowers again, sorry Cathy, pale yellow annual ones and some flower of my perennial one. I've mislaid the name but the colours tone beautifully with the tulips. 
Finally a few flowers of pale Corydalis. They tend to drop petals quickly but I think if you cut it early when the flowers are just opening, it will last a few days. 

As my raspberries are  in the shade this afternoon, this is the perfect day for a tidy up. Better late than never though I might need a machete to fight my way in. 
Join in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden and see what you can find to put In a Vase On Monday. If you are in the UK do enjoy the holiday. 


  1. Beautiful! I love the Corydalis, such a pretty color. The vase is a great find!

  2. Beautiful "cottage-style" arrangement. The raspberry foliage really brings the charm. I truly get a kick out of the great wallflower debate amongst the IAVOM group. The Greenland tulips are oh-so-pretty with those highlights of bright green contrasting with the pink! - Terri, tssoutherngarden.com

  3. I had not thought about using raspberry foliage from the suckers.....love the idea and wow those tulips are beauitful....I love the wallflower color too!

  4. Wonderful and happy spring arrangement! I love your new vase.

  5. The tulips with their green streaks are very pretty, and I love the wallflowers. I bet this arrangement smells wonderful. We are having some warm weather here too this week.

  6. So pretty! The raspberry foliage is perfect. Your wallflowers are very nice! I've never grown them as I think it's too cold here, but I can admire them in other people's gardens. :)

  7. A very pretty tulip and I think the raspberry foliage and delicate Corydalis are excellent choices as companions. :) Good to hear you got good weather for the long weekend too!

  8. Love the tulips, I love the Viridiflora types, your vase is a real find; I'd love an urn to add to my collection! I'm very envious of a forest of raspberry foliage, mine only just about survive to produce a few bowl fulls and some coulee for pannacotta!


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