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Friday, 2 March 2018

Adventures in a Poly Tunnel - February 2018

We've been thinking that spring was just around the corner and dreaming of sowing seeds and planting summer bulbs but winter had another trick to play and, wow, has it been cold. 
The early part of the month was dominated by rain. It rained constantly and mud was the problem. The rain stopped the sun came out and we enjoyed some warm(ish) days. Then temperatures plummeted and now we have not been above -5 at night for about a week and day time has also been below zero and now we are knee deep in snow. Don't forget the strong winds, we've had plenty of those too. 
I just have to wait and see what has survived. The tunnel gives no protection against these temperatures, even the water in the water butt freezes. 
There is much less to say about the plants than the weather. I was just gearing up to start sowing and planting but now everything is on hold and I'm glad I waited. 

 On one of the warmer days I replanted these strawberries in rows, weeding and feeding as well. 

 Broad beans before the big freeze. I am confident they will survive.

 The kale is starting to go to seed but there is still lots to eat and last year we ate the flowers like purple sprouting broccoli and they were very sweet. 

 A brave soul. 

Tulips just coming up. I think these are Angelique and I can't wait!


Arthur with the Winter Sunshine sweet peas. Now frozen as well.
Pest control. This was last week. You will laugh when I tell you that I've shut the ducks in the tunnel for the last few days. The wind has been cruel and their water freezes instantly outside. Even in the tunnel ice forms on the bowls I filled for them but they dive in regardless. Brrr.

We are still able to harvest kale, rocket, lettuce and spring onions when they are not frozen. 

Daytime high +30 ∘C again I often only have doors at one end open. 
Nightime low -5.5 ∘C

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  1. Reading your post has given me a serious case of polytunnel envy Alison :)


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