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Friday, 22 September 2017

Garden Bloggers' Foliage Day Sep 2017

A quick post as I should be employed elsewhere. 

Two years ago I was able to plant a hedge. It's not a thing I ever thought I'd be able to do but when we moved here it became possible.
I bought a bare- root native species hedge pack and but it in along this fence. 
So this is my contribution to Garden Bloggers' Foliage Day hosted by Christina at My Hesperides garden. We had a very few rose flowers on it this year and now there are some hips but it is mostly foliage. 

I treated it to some manure when planting and then some more this spring. I will give it a light trim along the top to encourage bushiness. 

I have recently clipped the long grass around the roots and we do lay grass clippings down to try and suppress the growth of grass  and weeds. It works to some extent. 
The hedge includes hawthorn, blackthorn, dog rose, hazel, field maple and wild cherry so should be good for birds and insects in the future. 
I'm pleased with it's growth, it actually looks like a hedge this year. I'm sure I have some pictures of it newly planted but I'm not sure where. If I find them I'll add them in. 
That's it for now. I won't have time for any blog hopping until next week but I look forward to doing it then. 

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