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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Garden Blogger's Foliage Day

A little break from all the flowering of August to look at some foliage for Garden Blogger's Foliage Day. Hosted by Christina at My Hesperides Garden. It's good to focus on foliage, shape and structure for a change. 
I went out this morning with a camera, thinking I'd take photos before the sun came out. Sadly it never did, but it is strangely warm anyway. The photos are all rather grey and dull, I'm afraid. 

 I wasn't sure how much I would find worthy of showing but there was plenty just outside the backdoor. Here is a little Alchemilla alpina, I think. So pretty with soft silver undersides to the leaves. 

 Right next to it is a little Aquilegia. It is supposed to have little brown flowers but it hasn't for several years. It's very small, the leaves are only about 3cm across. 

 Thyme Silver Posie.

 A variegated Caryopteris. It is going to flower, I think but is so dainty and pretty, I'd forgive it if it didn't. 

 Cotinus coggygria. This has really grown well this year after a slow start last year. It looks fabulous when wet, which is a bonus where  I live. 

 Sorbaria sorbifolia. This was a present from my son and always seems to look good whatever time of year. New foliage is pinky and I love the structure of the leaves. 

 In contrast some kind of Eryngium. Saved from the slugs. Don't be fooled into thinking they won't eat this! 

 Convuluous cneorum. I like silver foilage very much and do like all these different textures. 

 Euphorbia. My collection is growing. 

Last but not least, my fernery. This was a little patch of soil at the back of our house when we came here. It is in complete shade so perfect for ferns, though they do need some water sometimes. RH is a Japanese painted fern and something else on the left. 

I've been very lazy about looking up proper names today but if you'd like to know anything you can always ask. I have a book and a box of labels. 😊

I've actually been out gardening today and starting on some of my plans for improvements. All summer it seems as though I have been fighting fire. Watering in the hot spell, bailing out in the wet spell and generally trying to manage plants, vegetables and seedlings. 
Now things are slowing down. I hate to admit it but there is sometimes a feel of Autumn in the mornings. There is still the joy of harvesting vegetables and flower but also the joy of  a late summer clear out and planning for next year which will, of course, be bigger and better!


  1. Hi Alison, you have some lovely foliage, and the cool light looked wonderful to me, everything is still burnt out by the sun for most of the day here, so some grey light is very refreshing. Thanks for joining GBFD

    1. I don't think I would like your high temperatures either and, though we have had a dismal month which has been very wet and quite cold, I wouldn't swap it. We often get beautiful days, or parts of days, and just have to enjoy what we do get. Hopefully your autumn will be cool and lovely.


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