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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A few more flowers for cutting.

I've got some Chrysanthemums flowering now. The plants have survived, despite neglect, since last year and are now producing wonderful flowers. I love this soft rose colour. The flowers last for about two weeks in a vase.
Here they are with Salvia patens, amaranthus and stocks.

This is a wonderful yellow one.

 Scabiousa atropurpurea 'Tall double mixed'  great fillers for a  vase. Very dainty flowers in shades of pink and also wonderful dark colours.

 I like lots of green in my arrangements and jasmine is growing all over my garden this year in spite of being chopped back hard, or maybe because of.... So had  been put to good use.

I've tried to grow Zinnias since someone gave me some in a bouquet a few years ago. They seem to be tricky and I have mixed results but this one is lovely. They also last a long time in water.

Stocks in shades of pink and purple. I cut these back about six weeks ago and they have been flowering madly ever since. Still smelling wonderful, enough to scent a room.

I'm still managing to cut things now, in October so I'm very pleased but Autumn is definitely creeping in. Shades of yellow and orange are gradually taking over but the general look is bedraggled just now. After a sunny September it is now wet, wet wet. However, I have just been out and collected these things. After removing hitchiking snails and spiders, this is what I made:

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